Bill Conlon

We Have a Track Record of Success

Dr. Bill Conlon is the President and founder of Pintail Power LLC, based in Palo Alto, California. Bill has made important technical contributions to diverse fields, with inventions related to Steam-injected Gas Turbine power plants, Solar Steam Generators, Directional Freeze Crystallization for Water Treatment, and the Dispatchable Solar Combined Cycle (DSCC) and Liquid Air Power & Storage (LAPS), which are being commercialized by Pintail Power.

Previously, as an executive with VC-backed Ausra, Inc., Bill was instrumental in changing its business model and leading the technical turn-around, which resulted in the profitable merger with AREVA, and more than one billion dollars of new business within 15 months.

Pintail Power is backed by consultants and advisors with experience in project finance, regulatory and government affairs, engineering, operations and construction, legal and intellectual property.