Our Hybrid Approach Delivers Lower-cost Storage

Pintail Power's hybrid energy storage systems address the electric grid's increasing need for high storage capacity to absorb the hours of overgeneration and high power output to meet the Gigawatt load ramps of the Duck Curve.

The Electric Power Research Institute characterization of energy storage technologies shows that only Pumped Hydro and Underground Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) can supply the Power and Energy needed by utilities to manage the Duck Curve. Despite technical advances and marketing hype, batteries are too small, too expensive, and too fragile to compete with dams and caverns.

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Pintail Power technology overlaps with Pumped Hydro and CAES.

By using Hot Oil or Cryogenic Liquid Air, Pintail Power can store energy anywhere in low-cost tanks at atmospheric pressure. Our break-through technologies can manage bulk power and energy, just like Pumped Hydro and CAES, without their geological constraints.

Our innovative approaches mean utilities, transmission and distribution system operators, and wind or solar farms can cost-effectively deliver renewable whenever it's needed.