Pintail Power LLC provides technology, systems and projects that synergistically combine thermal energy storage with renewable and conventional generation to economically reduce fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions, increase renewable generation, and enhance grid reliability.

Immense Need

The electric power sector is experiencing rapid changes in order to significantly reduce carbon pollution from fossil fueled power plants. Conventional generation is being displaced by intermittent solar and wind, requiring backup by energy storage and gas-fired peaking plants. Pintail Power has developed innovative approaches to cost-effectively provide large quantities of storage while also more efficiently using the fossil fuel...Read more

Innovative Approach

We store renewable power as thermal energy, the lowest-cost means of storage, and return that power using modern combustion turbine technology. This hybrid integration is a triple play that enables more renewable power, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and reduces cost compared to conventional gas turbine or battery technology. Pintail Power's approach is analogous to the best hybrid automobiles, which provide greater range and lower cost than pure electric vehicles, while doubling the fuel economy of conventional automobiles...Read more

Disruptive Technology

Our hybrid approach synergistically combines proven industrial components and well understood technologies to transform electric power operations and markets. Our Liquid Air Power & Storage (LAPS) technology provides utility-scale storage of renewable or low-cost power, in a scalable, modular, compact and easily sited plant. And our Dispatchable Solar Combined Cycle (DSCC) adds storage and firm capacity to solar thermal power plants to increase power output, time-shift the renewable power, and reduce fossil fuel use compared to conventional combined cycle power plants...Read more

Proven Team

We are led by Bill Conlon whose track record includes successful commercialization of utility-scale fossil and renewable energy technologies. The Pintail Power team has decades of practical know-how related to design, development, construction and operation of power generation equipment...Read more